Radio Host

Coach P has been on the radio for her entire 29 year career. She is at her best when she entertains questions from listeners regarding sports, education, recruiting, self-development, parenting, millennial life, and more. Radio is the perfect medium to dialogue and challenge folks to be bold, dream big, and create the life of their dreams.

Connect with CoachP

Whether you are looking for a proven motivational speaker, health and mental wellness advocate or someone who creates inspiration and purpose for your next event, CoachP should be the first person you call.

If you are a parent seeking help with your child athlete or you take your basketball program to the next level, CoachP can help.

If you are struggling with life challenges or supporting someone else who is, CoachP’s approach to working through and ultimately capitalizing on adversity may be the boost you need.

Learn how her “Choice, Not Chance” methodology can benefit you and those around you. If you are ready to elevate to the next level, contact CoachP.

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