Public Speaking

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Public Speaking

CoachP has travelled extensively, providing educational and motivational speeches to corporations, educational institutions, sports programs, and more. Her deep experience recruiting, coaching and mentoring young people from around the world to come together as one cohesive team, along with her unique methodology, make her a highly sought-after motivational expert and inspirational keynote speaker. Through CoachP’s high energy speeches and leadership seminars, she engages, educates and inspires organizations and individuals to achieve peak performance.

Some of Coach P’s presentation topics include (but are not limited to):

  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Longterm Healthcare
  • Women Who Dare
  • Let’s Get Fired Up!
  • How Do Successful Women Lead?

Connect with CoachP

Whether you are looking for a proven motivational speaker, health and mental wellness advocate or someone who creates inspiration and purpose for your next event, CoachP should be the first person you call.

If you are a parent seeking help with your child athlete or you take your basketball program to the next level, CoachP can help.

If you are struggling with life challenges or supporting someone else who is, CoachP’s approach to working through and ultimately capitalizing on adversity may be the boost you need.

Learn how her “Choice, Not Chance” methodology can benefit you and those around you. If you are ready to elevate to the next level, contact CoachP.

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