It was a special Friday leading into a great Saturday to celebrate all mental health and to show incredible courage in the face of impaired mental health. My podcast experience yesterday with Faith Suggs and her Dad-Shafer was on point and most enjoyable. This is a great time to reach out and find out more about the people around you and their situation. It’s a “team” approach to improving all mental health services and awareness while reducing all stigmas. We are one team! The opponent is impaired mental health. We must have a warrior mentality to fight for progress, success, and balance in our lives.

Four quick thoughts for World Mental Health Day 2020 from CoachP….as all coaches love the number four as a reminder of pursuing “Final Fours” and “Championships” in all that we do.

Immediate Action: Challenge yourself and others to be “immediate” for the day. Immediacy is a critical component to recognizing issues with mental health or as a means of handling oneself battling through a mental health issue.


1.    Plan your whole day, but first, make your bed!

2.    Plan to reach out personally to anyone in a difficult situation, and listen!

3.    Design your workout. Try to spend most of your time outside if possible. 40 mins of anything moving! It usually takes 40 mins to win a great ball game at the collegiate level. Find your Forty!

4.    Be Good and Immediate to YOU. Music. Dance. Good Food. Great Nap. Writing Thoughts…mark the day! If you require additional help…TAKE your meds and LISTEN to your doctors!

Extra thought for the day: Check out Kayla McBride’s article, “It’s O.K to Fall Apart” with The Players’ Tribune online. Hear a story. Hear a story of perseverance and success.

Warrior thinking for all,